Moment Camera

The automatic camera for Google Glass

Got Glass and want to try Moment?

Moment takes amazing photos for you

Moment uses all the clever sensors in Glass to figure out the best times to take a picture. When the lighting is good. When the camera is still. When the kids aren't fighting.
Like a pro photographer, Moment tries to take photos of the people, places, and times you care about. Over time, you make Moment smarter by telling it how it's doing.
Regular cameras are complex: f-stops, barrel distortion, and automatic exposure locks. Even simple cameras need pointing and shooting. Moment deals with everything for you.
Moment makes beautiful and sharable albums of the important events in your life and makes it easy to share them with the people who are close to you.

How to get started using Moment

  1. Get Glass
    The hardest part, right? You can wait for the public release or Visit Google's Glass site to learn more.
  2. Get Moment
    Register for Moment and you'll get a link to the app. For now, you need to know how to sideload an APK.
  3. Start Moment
    Start recording on Glass just by saying "OK Glass, record a moment".
  4. Live in the moment
    Go live your life. Moment will record what you see.
  5. See your moments
    After you're finished, plug in your Glass and it will upload to Moment. You'll get an email when it's finished and your album is ready to view.